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Analog Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1997, Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI), specializes in R&D and production of analog and digital electronic hardware modules, sub-systems, and systems. Components include: TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, diode laser drivers, LED drivers, and photodetector amplifiers. Sub-systems include: laser/TEC controllers and laser/heater controllers. Systems include laser diode burn-in solutions. ATI also creates computer and embedded software programs for detection and analysis of optical and electronic signals. Our ability to deliver innovative, quick, on time and low cost results has led to several significant projects as well as many smaller ones. ATI has years of experience in design and development of special analog electronic circuits and systems. We typically provide our customers with prototypes, Alpha sets, Beta sets and final products. Numerous patents have been filed and granted based on our novel designs in electronics, mechanics and optics.

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Analog Technologies, Inc.
Tape & Reel (TR)