What is the role of inductors in new energy vehicle products
2022-10-13 15:48:27

What is the use of inductors in new energy vehicle electronics? Inductors are one of the three essential basic equipment in the circuit, and are widely used in various electronic fields, such as communication, car, consumption and industry. And with the spread of global intelligence, the intensification of mobile phone professional competition and the rise of new energy vehicles, the demand for inductive equipment will be greatly increased. Now Xiaohao will make a comprehensive introduction to inductors, hoping to help us.


What is the use of inductors in new energy vehicle electronics? Here we need to know the important parameters of inductors:


Inductance: a physical quantity that produces self inductance.


Current: temperature rise current, full current.


Q value: quality factor.


What is the fundamental principle of inductance?


Inductance is the most central equipment in filter circuits and power amplification circuits: generally, according to function, we divide inductance into three categories, mainly including: power inductors; RF inductor; EMI inductor.


Among them, the power inductor mainly plays the effects of energy storage, filtering and anti current in the power line, and plays the effects of resonance, filtering, impedance matching and anti current in the signal line.


It is called buck if it is connected in series with the power management IC, and boost if it is connected in parallel with the power management IC. RF inductor: it is one of the basic components of high-frequency electronic equipment. It can be used as impedance matching to complete impedance balance, or as RF choke to achieve the effect of filtering.


Magnetic bead: it has remarkable effect in filtering high-frequency noise, and is cheap and easy to use. It is mostly used in signal circuit, mainly used in electromagnetic compatibility and absorbing high-frequency signals. What is the use of inductors in new energy automotive electronics? Inductors are used in the car industry. Judging from the function of inductors, inductors are widely used in new energy vehicles.

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